We’re rather ordinary, actually. A bit wacky, a tad silly, and our cats think we are trying to starve them, but other than that, we’re just your average neighbours. 

Melody is a tenured professor of Cognitive Developmental Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. She earned her undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University, got her Ph.D. from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and has done post-doctoral work at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, U.C. San Diego, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has dozens of journal articles to her credit, and is a popular teacher and graduate advisor. She does research in the areas of learning and memory, cognition, education, and the arts. She works with local schools and educators to develop programs that help teachers teach in ways that allow children to learn the way they actually learn rather than how we want them to learn. Applied research that has a positive effect on education is her passion and her pride. (Ask her what her lab does. Go ahead. I dare you. Make sure you pee first; it’ll be a while.)

She’s a computer whiz, and thinks Macs can and should take over the world. She loves to swim, and is currently in the pool ninety minutes, five to six days a week, training for competition. She’s a vegetarian, and a gourmet baker and cook; she loves experimenting with organic vegetables and weird exotic herbs and spices. (In a stunning coincidence, I love to eat gourmet cooking and baking.) She makes the best damn pesto on the planet, and delicious crusty bread to go with it. She also has a killer fashion sense. She was born into a male body in New England, grew up in the Deep South, and is now quite done with being someone she’s not.

Oh, and she’s been married to me for eight years.

Me: Hi! I’m Sandi. I grew up in California, Israel, Australia, and Hawaii; I went to college at U.C. Davis and earned a degree in Psychology, with honours. My honours thesis, I kid you not, was on Gender Identity and Gender Roles in Science Fiction Literature. (How weird is that? I had no clue where life would take me when I wrote that paper.)

After graduating from U.C. Davis, I went to seminary at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley to study for a Master of Divinity degree, with an emphasis in Liturgy & Music and Pastoral Counseling. I worked full-time as Director of Liturgical Music at local churches to pay my way. I also attended graduate school in Clinical Psychology, with an internship at the Family Services Center of a nearby Navy base. If that sounds confusing, then let me just add that after grad school, I worked full-time as a Systems & Network Manager in Silicon Valley and San Diego for a dozen or so years, with a specialty in Network Security.

I’m now a writer and teacher; I used to be managing editor of an internationally known knitting magazine, and was a popular columnist and founding editor of a well-known online knitting magazine, before I moved to Canada and went freelance. Now, I write and teach and speak and breathe spinning (making yarn out of fluffy stuff) and knitting. I am also a serious wire-worker, which means I use thin wire to fasten crystals and pearls and vintage beads onto anything that sits still. I sell fanciful tiaras in my Etsy shop; if you’re curious, there is a gallery of my tiaras here. I also keep a personal crafty/wacky/whatdoesitallmean blog, where I write about everything and anything that crosses my frontal cortex. You can reach me at wiseheart AT gmail DOT com.

Oh, and I’m married to a transwoman. Yes, I knew when I met “him” that he was a she, even though the he part was clearly evident on the outside. Yes, I knew he would transform into a she someday. Yes, I will stay married to her, because she is my heart’s song.

Us: Melody and I now live in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada, in a century-old and very quirky brick house. We are bossed around by three felines (Dusty, Zoë, and Tim) and followed around by one three-legged dog rescued from the ruins of Hurricane Katrina (Buddy). We love the people of Canada, and we love how Canadians see themselves and the world around them. We do not like the weather of Canada; on the bright side, the extravagant winters have inspired me to design lots of nice warm sweaters, and Melody to go on an endless search for the perfect winter coat.


All material on this site is copyright © 2012 by Sandi and Melody Wiseheart. Do the right thing and don’t copy, borrow, steal, or use anything here without our express permission. 



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